Rogue Operative Podcast with Doc Rogue


Ready to get ‘juiced’ on the freshest voice in America today?!!  Listen to Doc Rogue tell it like it is!  With his trusty partner Eon Cooper (a self-professed anarchist), the duo will keep you engaged in their ‘no holds barred’ analyses in the ROGUE "no-bullshit zone." From the right, from the left, from capitalism to socialism, from corporate welfare to individual support programs, to Friends With Benefits to prostitution, from prescription drugs to illegal blow, from mood swings to mental health conservatorships...  They will keep you laughing and shaking your head over their political dissections and common sense social analyses.

Doc is a 30 year university professor and former covert operative while Eon is a social justice warrior and revolutionary. Together they clash,  de-construct popular topics, and amplify the voice of the marginalized and neglected. They make no bones about it.  The ROGUE PODCAST is dedicated to making an impact on global narratives and general social contract.  99% UNITE!!!


So our footprint is bold and wide. Tell your friends about us. Jump into the NO BULLSHIT ZONE!  We may disagree but with mutual respect and humanistic Love. Share. Like. Amplify our reach. We pride ourselves on being a global broadcast station!  So send your comments, questions, and concerns. Suggest topics for future podcasts.  Join our LIVE discussion hour.  We'll have notable guests from time to time. But, we prefer to finish our selected topic before moving to the next show. Each podcast is about 30 minutes.  They are FREE and can be played on any electronic information device. We'll even chronicle podcasts on YouTube for easy reference and distribution.

Join in the ROGUE ‘Thought Revolution’ and experience what it means to "come out of the shadows" with honesty and fortitude.  If, like us, the Truth is more important than joining the bandwagon of a false narrative, then join us for an examination of some of the day’s most intriguing political and social topics.  Like a past dorm-room conversation, with free-flowing thoughts and positions, searching for facts, meaning and understanding.  We will never betray our roots at the University of Florida and The Florida State University.  The proverbial minds that we will change hopefully will be committed to the cause of reason and perspective.  Mountains need to be moved.  KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.  Join the ROGUE show to strip the Emperor of his clothes...  And, refute the invincibility of the most powerful individuals and institutions of the global universe!

We are Rogue! Listen to our Podcast, join us!