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Teaching Philosophy

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Ever wonder what life is like inside “the Agency”? Experience the first-hand detailed account of a renowned higher education professional turned covert operative for the government of the United States of America.

Experience what "covert" means in the Information Age from someone who has been "on" and "off" the grid for the past 15 years. You'll be completely shocked, while your worldview expands considerably toward the Globalist experience.

For the first time you will not have this information as a typical document to download, if not, as an audiobook narrated by its author who is an ex-undercover agent.

So you will hear his experiences from his voice, isn't that fucking great?

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Order your audiobook now, and be the first to hear his personal all-true account. You will be shocked. You will be spellbound. You will laugh. You will cry. And, most of all, your eyes will be opened to some of the disgusting things that go on behind-the-scenes in government and "business operations" in Latin America.