Doc Rogue


Dr. Tyler Adams, Ph.D. goes by "Doc" or "Doc Rogue." Doc was a mild-mannered Communications professor, husband, and father for 20 years in the USA. That is until he had one too many faculty meetings where petty animosities lit his fuse. Whiny motherfuckers! And, the overall pay was falling while the work increased and deadline pressures multiplied.  Sound familar??? Ever want to take a demented supervisor out for a ride to feed some 'gators?

Year-end, year-out, the situation continued to worsen...  larger classes of disinterested students, rising publication demands, new accreditation standards, and even research grant proposals to help pay for boondogles for college Presidents.

And to top it all off, his so-called "close" colleagues and friends turned out to be complete, two-faced ... assholes.  Before you could finish a steamy pile of bayou mud bugs, the University of Louisiana had him committed to a mental institution -- three different times — over exaggerated claims that he would "go postal" on campus. That's when Doc finally had enough. In 2011, he received a prestigious, highly-coveted international Fulbright appointment to Kazakhstan -- located in the heart of Central Asia.  Remember the movie about Borat by Sacha Baron Cohen?

Kazakhstan was was quite a revelation as his eyes were suddenly opened to all of the sexy young women who think that a USA passport is an aphrodisiac. One post-Soviet blond vixen in Almaty brought him home, squirted her breast milk into his mouth, and totally rocked his world. After that, he became a new man.

Upon returning home to Louisiana, the US Department of State and the CIA had the fucking audacity to contact the university.  They asserted that "Doc" was a potential "Lone Wolf" threat to the other faculty and possibly senior administrators. The university convened a mental health “fitness” hearing in an attempt to declare him unfit for his academic duties.   But "Doc" -- a champion debater -- prevailed. That is, until the government’s surveilance hit a new high — or ethical low — in its persecution of Doc.  Incredibly, as if they had no other higher priorities over investigating domestic terrorism, agents of  Homeland Security, the DEA, and FBI (during the Obama Administration) caught him in a strip club having sex with a stripper in a drug sting.

Long story short, Doc was arrested for prostitution in 2012 and slammed in the national and global media for being an irredeemable whore. The story went viral across the USA. The headlines included: "Endowed Professor Caught with His Pants Down."  So, you understand the high level ‘smear’ campaign that Doc confronted.  He had to quit his job, change his identity, even changed all of his formal academic diplomas -- and went overseas to continue his career. Fuck the USA!!! Fuck Louisiana! Fuck my marriage! Fuck everybody!!! When Doc arrived in Saudi, he was greeted with a kilo of Afghan hashish, in Kuwait he connected the hashish underground with the royals. In Cambodia, he ran a KTV for a year. Needless to say, these experiences made Doc realize that he was sick and tired of living a normal life in America.

Italy, Russia, the Bahamas, Mexico, Peru, Brazil -- does not matter where he goes -- "Doc Rogue" has survived some really crazy shit. Not surprisingly, he has decided to live life to the fullest before he passes on to a hedonistic spiritual harem of international virgins in the clouds.  Now, after visiting 22 countries while partying his fucking ass off, Doc has chosen Medellin, Colombia as his preferred retirement destination.  You know the drill: drug kingpins, seditious revolutionaries, weed and blow, high powered weaponry, devious military generals, international espionage, wonderous mountains, pristine ecological zones, and beautifully seductive chicas. Remember, Rogue life features Rogue Chicas!

If you want to have a good time with incomparable memories with someone who knows the inside ‘dope’ on Medellin as a covert operative...  and is also an expert on Colombian history and politics, then book a tour and become a ROGUE OPERATIVE now!   We've been working hard in Medellin to bring the full ROGUE EXPERIENCE -- live -- for you here in Medellin. The women are fine, the laws are loose, the danger is real (but controlled), and the payoffs are orgasmic. Come party with the ROGUE OPERATIVE himself.

But, remember!!! No matter how tough and rough you may be, these Paisa women will melt your heart. We are not pimps, and this is not a brothel service. Okay? More like a dating service. We're just providing the space, the place and the opportunities for a developing and engaging interesting cultural exchanges.  Think of it as hunting in a ‘baited’ field!  Indeed, what consenting adults do, or do not do, should -- after all -- be a private matter between free and private individuals. And in Colombia, there are no rules on the world's oldest profession.  In fact, it is celebrated and LGBTQ+ is openly accepted. That's why we love Colombia.  Just make sure that your passport is secured.  Afterall, you can always continue your education at ROGUE UNIVERSITY! We also have the ayauasca hookup.

Ty Adams - Doc Rogue