Dr. Adams offers a wide variety of consulting services to his clients, with international information strategies being his specialty. Dr. Adams has been a consultant to the US Department of Defense through the US Army War College on new media tactics in operational environments.

He has also constructed and designed numerous websites for corporations and organizations. If you are an executive who wants to put your professional portfolio online, individual consultations are welcome. If you truly want to transform your online presence, Dr. Adams is gifted at finding the right coders for the right job. His professional network stretches across Europe into Central Asia, and he is functionally proficient at an elementary level in Spanish and can help you in Latin America, as well.

Besides, who else more than a former covert operative to provide you consulting services in a very unique way.

Dr. Ty Adams - Consulting Services | former covert operative | Rogue


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If you would like the consulting services from a former covert operative, then Dr. Ty Adams is the right person for you.