Chapter Five: “Futureshock: Medellin and Ayahuasca” – Page 2

The ease and simplicity of knowing that my loved ones were okay in the other world were priceless. The true love and joy of being able to communicate with someone, even if they are a vision remnant in a dormant psyche, is something that I personally cherish and recommend to everyone — if you’ll only get and take the opportunity to experience something that is outside of the understanding of Western culture. My second-day drinking ayahuasca was a bit more prophetic because it dealt more specifically with my experience in the CIA. After weaving inside and outside of security checkpoints throughout some 32 countries in the world, I had a lot of unanswered questions and personal issues of trust and loyalty to resolve. Not only had I been interviewed on Russia Today television about the Trump Doctrine developing in the Middle East. But that live interview broadcast throughout the Middle East went viral online with over 80 million views. I was in a completely new realm of experience with intelligence agencies throughout the world because I was now on public record as having worked with the agency. After the visual shower of pyramids, octagons, and three-dimensional geometry pushed through my psyche, I found myself in a room that had been completely blacked out of all light. There were six men in the room with me. All of them had stars throughout their body, and their hearts were shooting out lightning. The six men gathered around a table. All of them were chanting and praying in different languages and tongues, however, all of them were bowing in the same motion to a rising pyramid with a gold tip that was glowing. “Join us” they whispered.

Then, I witnessed my own death. I was gasping for air. I was sweating. My heart was racing. And then, I had my first out-of-body experience. I was hovering over myself in the hospital. There were tubes throughout my face and body, and the heartbeat monitor flatlined. People who have experienced this before during ayahuasca ceremonies refer to it as “ego death,” where you experience your own loss of life while still holding consciousness. After I had passed, I felt pure love and joy from the universe. It was such a warm pure feeling. I felt connected to God and in sync with the will of the supernatural. The rest of that night was spent talking to the campfire, reaching an understanding that my purpose on this planet had not yet been resolved or fully understood by myself.

However, on the third night, I experienced something directly out of an erotic film festival that had somehow been personally engineered for my sexual psyche. After drinking the ayahuasca, I went through the normal vomiting and purging of impurities, but I also experienced a stiff erection. It was massive and throbbing. Then, I had the most beautiful, sexy, exotic young Latina female with black flowing hair and big brown eyes walked up to me in the smoky mist. She was putting on corvette red lipstick and makeup and asked me devilishly if I wanted to have sex with her. Then she took out a fat Colombian blunt made out of marijuana and the lighter and began smoking in a very seductive and persuasive manner. She would suck and sexily blow in my general direction.  She asked me if I liked it when she smoked for me. I said yes, very much. Then she handed me the blunt and blew a stream of smoke directly into my face. We started kissing. We started taking off our clothes. And then, she mounted me from the top while smoking the blunt and we had passionate animalistic sexual intercourse. After we were finished, she asked me if I’d enjoyed myself. I said yes, a great deal. She told me that I needed to enjoy myself much more in life and then she slowly disappeared into the wind with a grin on her face. Then the vomiting started again and I fell asleep by the campfire and woke up the next morning with an old white cat laying beside me.

The fourth ayahuasca experience occurred without any vomiting. Apparently, my body had gotten used to the substance, and my trance state began much more quickly, like within 40 minutes. And then suddenly, my mind transported me to Phenix City, Alabama in a Waffle House restaurant. I was having eggs, bacon, hash browns, and grits. It seemed like a normal day. Then, my grandmother, Adams walked into the diner and sat down at my booth with me. She told me that she was proud of me for all the hard work and dedication I put into my career and family. She told me she was proud of how I had handled all of the changes in my life over the last decade. But she also told me, that I needed to learn how to be more flexible with how I deal with people. She drank her coffee, and I drink mine. And she told me very directly that my life had significance and that God was not through with me yet. She said that sometimes God breaks men into pieces and shatters their lives in preparation to test and increase their faith. She assured me that she understood my pain and suffering, but promised me that there would be a day of reckoning for those who had sabotaged my life. I paid the bill. We walked outside and said goodbye. At that time, I took a second dose of ayahuasca and passed out completely unconsciously by the campfire. I don’t remember anything else, except that the next morning at the retreat we had oatmeal and guava juice while drinking large amounts of water to rehydrate and replenish the gut.

On that last day of the retreat, I walked around the peaceful ranch looking at the animals. I thought about my experiences and wondered about their symbolic importance in the future trajectory of my life. Then I showered, packed my bags, and took the taxi from the plateau down into the Medellin Valley proper. I went to my air B&B apartment and slept for two days straight. That next morning I had fruit for breakfast with fresh Colombian coffee. I thought I would take my fantasy girl’s advice and go on the prowl that afternoon for some action. The particular place you go in this city for some female companionship is known as Veracruz Avenue. For a 3 to 4 block area the entire walkways, sidewalks, and small bars have working girls in them. And in Colombia, the price for sex is about $12 US. And ever since Venezuela went extreme to the left and adopted Hugo Chavez’s vision of a socialist Venezuela, Venezuelans have been trying to escape the country by any means necessary. So, here in nearby Colombia, you’ll see a lot of homeless Venezuelan prostitutes who literally live and survive on the sex trade. There’s no pimp. There’s no boss. They are all independent working girls, angling for a quick buck and the opportunity to meet someone who may potentially change their lives. In the USA this is called prostitution. In Colombia, this is called dating.

There’s a lot of things in Columbia that are legal, which are clearly and specifically illegal in the United States. For starters, prostitution in the United States is a misdemeanor and can get you some jail time. In Columbia, it is considered a normal working profession for women and men, and there exists no legislation making it illegal. In the United States, even though times are changing, marijuana is still considered a controlled substance and is treated accordingly from federal and state governments. In Columbia, not only does no one ever get arrested for carrying marijuana, it is most often consumed on the streets in public where everyone can smell and see. In the United States, possession of cocaine as a straight up felony and will certainly get you a stiff jail sentence if you are caught in violation of this law. In Columbia, the government itself is moving to nationalize the production and distribution networks on behalf of the state, thereby legalizing the substance. You have to remember, a large portion of Columbia’s population consumes cocaine and it is considered as regular or normal a part of life as simple hot coffee. To them, it’s a national commodity that has the potential to generate ample revenue. And Columbia bears the scars of decades long violence sprees between warring cartels.


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