Rogue University in Medellin, Colombia

The Ultimate Experience in Immersive Education!
Medellin, Colombia (Antioquia)

Ty ‘Doc Rogue’ Adams is Professor Extraordinaire of ROGUE UNIVERSITY.  During his career, he has had nearly every possible academic role—from Endowed Professor to Vice-President of Academic Affairs.  And, even a US Department of State Fulbright to Central Asia.  So, now, he is assuming the one academic role that has eluded him: President and Chief Academic Officer of his own university.

As we open the doors to ROGUE UNIVERSITY, Doc Rogue has created his own ROGUE STUDIES PROGRAM for a once-in-a-life-time “personal development” experience.  Formal classes are scheduled for 60 minutes per day (after breakfast).  The rest of the education experience occurs through immersive learning exercises and field trips. The topics include the legalities and realities of ‘Rogue Operative’ life in international situations. Drugs, illicit trade, cross-border logistics, prostitution, survival basics, local dietary options, important phrases in Spanish as well as general issues in Colombian and Latin American history, politics, economics. At ROGUE UNIVERSITY, we pride ourselves on informality while offering expert insights and high-quality education.  Under Dr. Ty’s leadership, the University will be accepting applications for its all-male cohort for the Winter term.  The University has over 20 faculty and staff (including ROGUE CHICAS), who will instruct and even discipline you (if you prefer such studies!) on the finer things in life.

Our mission is to promote an environment of personal freedom and uninhibited expression…  Enjoy experiencing life off the GRID:  no problems, no inhibitions, no regrets.  Just relax, unwind, and enjoy another way of life without pretenses or prejudices.  Experience Doc Rogue’s proven immersive pedagogy.  Are we accredited by a reputable accreditation agency? Fuck no!!!  And, quite frankly, WHO cares? But, a ROGUE University education will be more useful in life than many nebulous college degrees.

Did I mention the ROQUE CHICAS?  Want to meet beautiful women?  CHECK!  Want to enjoy substance consumption where attitudes are relaxed and considered somewhat normal? CHECK!   Want to learn how to communicate in Spanish?  CHECK!  Want to finally experience cultural immersion and true wanderlust?  CHECK!  We've got all the bases covered in our week-long crash course that we fondly call ROGUE BOOT CAMP.  Bring your close family and friends.  Bring young bachelors to persuade them to postpone getting married.  Or, arrange an entire Bachelor Party for a special ROGUE week in Medellin.  But, most importantly, plan a week to enjoy Rogue life so you can share your fantasies with friends who will help you make “dreams come true.”  And, explore Rogue life in a safe and affordable environment.  We make sure that you leave your problems at home!

Each Rogue student that attends classes (1 hour each day) and passes field-based experiential learning assessments will receive a ROGUE UNIVERSITY degree in General or Specialized Rogue Studies.  If you wish to pursue further Rogue studies, we offer specialized immersive experiences such as the supernatural simplicity of ayahuasca in the Amazon with shaman spiritual guides.  WE ARE ROGUE.  We believe that in order to receive, you need to be cleansed first.  Out with the bad, in with the good.  You'll make new friends, allies, and develop unexpected personal skills.

ARRIVAL.  DAY ONE – BIENVENIDOS!  How was your flight?  Welcome to Medellin!

Pick-up by limo at airport.  You will be personally escorted to your private room in Poblado (upscale district) by one of our ROGUE CHICAS. She will help you with your baggage, room check-in, and maybe a private massage.  Welcome dinner with Dr Ty.  Relax, Q&A, Desfrute!

DAY TWO – Light Breakfast followed by first Rogue class.  General welcome and orientation to ROP staff and Medellin. All students test their local SIM cards and establish buddy system.  24/7 Emergency line is established.  The first day will be spent orienting yourself to the city, the culture, and communications.  Each person will be assigned to a Rogue Operative group and COMPETE in a Rogue Scavenger Hunt.  Individuals and teams will score Rogue points!  You will learn how to use the transit and taxi system and avoid ‘elimination’ by police and adversary operatives.  Enjoy finding clues and information from Rogue informants as you try to outwit other operatives and return “home” before the arrival of our Rogue Operatives.  Prizes will be enjoyed after dinner! Remember now, you are now officially ROGUE.  Are you ready for the rest of the night?

DAY THREE – Light Breakfast followed by second Rogue class.  Discussion of the “alternate economy of weed and blow…  Lunch, party, and relax.  Afterwards, Rogue caravan to a cocaine processing shop and you can personally "bake off" your own gram of blow.  Cervezas and weed before dinner.  Then, our evening excursion at a top executive night club. Don’t worry… like the Olympic Games, we got your back with Rogue “protection.”  We'll party ‘til the roosters crow… then go home, regroup, and sleep.

DAY FOUR -- Light Breakfast followed by third Rogue class.  We discuss weaponry, surveillance technology, and military/police activities.  At noon, plan for heavy steak lunch to fuel up for the night. Afterwards, Rogues will go to a shooting range where you can enjoy the experience the adrenalin rush of firing high-powered, fully-automatic weaponry. You'll train right alongside the Colombian Police. Or, if the mood among the class is more playful, we can organize teams for a paintball competition.  Earn your accuracy points to graduate with High Honors!  At night, we will deploy at FASE DOS.  It is one of the most famous exotic dancer clubs in all of Colombia. Food and drinks on premises.

DAY FIVE -- Plenty of water, now, gotta keep hydrated. Light Breakfast followed by fourth Rogue class.  A little history of the richest drug lord in history.   Maize empanadas and fresh mango juice. Local deserts too.  Damn good!!! For the afternoon, we join the Rogue caravan to Pablo Escobar's Mansion.  See how the super rich spent their money without restraint!  And, visit local museums while building an appetite for dinner on Calle Veracruz.  Practice your Spanish with a wide assortment of Venezuelan and Colombian working girls. You'll smell weed, but you won't mind. Beers and general mayhem.  Try to get home before dawn.

DAY SIX -- Light Breakfast followed by fifth Rogue class.  Aren’t you glad that breakfast is late!  Doc Rogue will discuss his experiences and provide context of Rogue Operative activities with the financial crisis in Venezuela—the Lebanon of Latin America.  Noon arrival at the Finca (Ranch House). We'll BBQ all-day and go swimming and relax in the jacuzzi. Beers, cocktails, blunts -- provided. Order your own fun, and roll your own. Day is free until the evening.  Then, we swing into FINCA FIESTA mode and get jiggy at our private party with some of your fav ROGUE CHICAS. Colombian ladies know how to throw a Finca Fiesta! Rogue Security will make sure you are safe, comfortable, and well-cared for. Revel in your ROGUE LIFE. 

DAY SEVEN – Graduation Brunch.  Special recognition of high performing Rogue Operatives.  Finca Fiesta until departure. Food, drinks, smokes provided.  Don’t forget your Rogue momentos!

Rest assured that we are experts on Medellin and how to provide security and solve unexpected problems. Not in theory, but in reality. Our Security Personnel and Staff MD are with us 24/7. Our Security is former military officers and other staff are Medellin residents who are experienced in resolving your personal issues.

PRICE: $2899 USD per person.*

* Price does not include airfare or personal companionship.

Finca Ranch, hotel, all alcohol, food, full-time security detail, full-time medical doctor, general excellent service, and ground transportation costs are all-inclusive.

**Refundable 10% deposit for personal expenses on site.


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