ROGUE OPERATIVE PRESS (ROP) was founded in the Summer of 2021 by Dr. Ty Adams (Doc Rogue).  Following Doc’s international university experiences that included espionage, national security alerts, and political intrigue, he founded the ROP to provide an opportunity to present and discuss dissident political opinions.  Hence, the goal is to encourage wide-ranging discussion and spirited debate of controversial topics and issues from different points of view.

The objective is to promote free expression of controversial opinions that are not tied to a specific political doctrine.  For ROP, it is especially important to create a platform for underdogs to discuss their own points of view — regardless of their controversial heritage.  But, the ROP is much more than that!!!  It is a networking hub of social and communicative activity for people who want to challenge dominant orthodoxies and question the motives of those who are able to escape popular scrutiny.

We’re here to challenge dominant viewpoints and, in the process, to change the world. If popular resistance to the legal system can “Free Britney,” what other positive changes can Rogue Operatives produce through public dialogue and political pressure?  While we are ROGUE, we are also compassionate.  We just look at the world in different ways while creating a platform for respectful discussion and debate that gives clarity to masculinist views. So, what does it actually mean to be a ROGUE?  Well, for starters, ROGUE OPERATIVES don’t take any shit from anybody.  We are like a small town, hard-working community that values its neighbors’ opinions and trustworthy reputations.  So, we expect honesty and loyalty if you are a respectful friend.  We work hard and we like to play hard.  We enjoy life to the fullest.  We love beautiful women.  We like to have a good time and unwind.  We enjoy new cultures and new experiences.  And we prefer to DO things, instead of sitting around contemplating “what if.”  We are players in the big game of LIFE.  We think outside of the box; we color outside of the lines.  We’re not big on respecting authority.  We will walk away from you if you are disrespectful of other people’s opinions and act like an intolerant asshole.  So by all means, if you are a ROGUE — join us on this website, participate on our discussion lists, and enjoy our regular podcasts.  And, when you are ready to fully experience Rogue Life, join us in person for a once-in-a-lifetime “trial by fire” week in exotic Medellin, Colombia.

At ROP, we invite you to visit us at ROGUE UNIVERSITY in Medellin. Within the safe environment of the ROGUE community, you and your compatriots will enjoy ROGUE LIFE where rules are relaxed and inhibitions are ignored.  Not only will you earn ROGUE course “credits” through a wide range of nonacademic activities, but after your boot camp in Medellin, you will be exhausted from your mind-blowing masculine experiences.

The ultimate ROGUE experience is to join us for a visit of Pablo (Escobar) Town for a crash course in personal freedom and testosterone-driven experiences.  You may never want to go back to your normal life in the 'States!  In fact, the ROGUE CHICAS are waiting to give you the most memorable time of your life!  There’s nothing quite like ROGUE hospitality as you will learn during your trip to Medellin.  We pride ourselves on hitting the mark, each and every time.

So, join us for a week you will never forget… the sights, the sounds, the debauchery…  Did I mention the ROGUE CHICAS?!!  Apply now to ROGUE UNIVERSITY where your experiences will exceed your wildest imagination.

Freedom dies if its not used, be a Rogue!