Tapped, Packed, and Trapped!
Ever wonder what life is like inside “the Agency”? Experience the first-hand detailed account of a renowned higher education professional turned covert operative for the government of the United States of America. This audiobook chronicles the life, trials, and tribulations of a man with a true passion for international intrigue; and, it humorously documents his all-true account of being an informant and operative for the CIA in Latin America. Known as an Iranian "Shia Hunter," Adams discloses his personal involvement with Peruvian and Mexican narcotics cartels, money laundering networks, higher education politics, psychiatric and emotional distress, the reality of divorce, family excommunication, and the cold hard truth about the CIA's involvement in global world-order systems. You've never before heard anything like this, and you are sure to be spellbound as the author himself narrates his own personal development, network gravitas, covert recruitment, psychological fall, personal destruction and devastation, and emotional recovery. This is not fiction —this is real.


The events of September 11th are almost 20 years old, now. But, for those who lived the experience and remember the shock, awe, and fear, we can easily recount personal stories of horror and paranoia. When the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center collapsed, leaving Manhattan a complete disaster zone, the mass media promulgated the live footage of the event through every possible medium worldwide. In some places, like Tehran, they celebrated the strategic terrorist hit, and rekindled their chants of "Death to America!!!"  But, for most of the Western World, it was a time of serious sober reflection, fact finding, and preparation for revenge and justice. Dr. Adams describes how his personal battle with mental illness was exacerbated during the months of abject fear and trepidation among the entire American population. After 9/11, Americans willingly gave up their hard-won Liberty and Privacy in trade for governmental Security and Surveillance — and the Patriot Act ushered in the National Security Agency's push to do espionage on its own citizens. Adams recounts how his mental illness (bipolar schizophrenia) accelerated out of control during the fight for the Soul of America.


An Audiobook Exposé By Dr. Ty Adams :

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After being formally "tapped" in a Baton Rouge, Louisiana bookstore to be a covert operative in 2006, Dr. Adams discloses the international trajectory his professional life took, following his ugly divorce with a woman whose family controlled all strategic operations for the Peruvian National Congress and the ultra-corrupt Peruvian Antiterrorism Task Force known as "Dincote." Honest and unabashedly raw, Adams discloses his battles with extremely political marital relations, psychological deterioration, illegal and unethical workplace harassment, financial ruin, and online cyber-espionage. The USA, Canada, the UK, France, Peru, Colombia, Mexico, Panama, Italy, Kazakhstan, China, Cambodia, Holland, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait… a postmodern blur of immigration checkpoints, bars, brothels, office meetings, government interviews, and email and social media monitoring. Experience what "covert" means in the Information Age from someone who has been "on" and "off" the grid for the past 15 years. You'll be completely shocked, while your worldview expands considerably toward the Globalist experience.

An Audiobook Expose By Dr. Ty Adams :


Dr. Adams has visited some wild and dark destinations on the planet, during his vacation retreats and sabbaticals from the academe. On one of his three trips to Phnom Penh, Cambodia, he was holding a business meeting with an officer from the "quiet army" of the Khmer Rouge Communist insurrection resistance to training with their elite sniper detail. The platoon’s commanding officer offered him what was to be the opportunity of a lifetime — firing a Soviet-made rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) from a disposable launcher at a relatively stationary target: a malnourished cow chewing its cud in a grassy field. Dr. Adams laughed at the opportunity at first; but, then he saw the seriousness in the faces of the snipers in teaching him how to properly fire the RPG under their exclusive training. He locked, he loaded, he aimed. And after firing? They all had beef barbeque together. This is but one of the mere experiences Dr. Adams shares from Southeast Asia, where the rule of law is clearly in the hands of the masses. From the opium dens of Laos to the ladyboys of Thailand to Vietnamese beaches and Cambodian KTVs, Dr. Adams personally backpacks the region, networking among some of the most rogue People's Army warriors who are still waging war against the hegemony of the West.

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